MSc in Management and Engineering in Water

Master degree
Start Date
October 2018
2 years


Do you want to become an expert in managing water resources? 

Water management comes with many challenges, both economic and ecological, and implies a sound combination of management skills and water engineering know-how. The acquisition, distribution and management of water resources will become even more challenging in the future than it is today. Therefore it is important that complex water systems meet the levels of service and performance requirements defined by social and environmental demands, while minimizing financial, environmental and societal costs. The continued development, operation and management of these systems require highly trained experts with knowledge and practical skills covering science, engineering and management disciplines.

Water management systems are fundamental to society, for example for the supply of safe drinking water, the treatment of waste water or flood and coastal protection and through the social and ecological consequences of water management.

The M.Sc. in Management and Engineering in Water is a two-year full-time program targeting young professionals who aspire to fulfill leading positions in organizations engaged in water management. The master program also qualifies to pursue a university career, including doctoral studies.

Why should you choose the M.Sc. in Management and Engineering in Water?

1. Increase your career perspective
The M.Sc. in Management and Engineering in Water provides water specialists with the necessary educational base and professional foundation to fulfill leading positions in water management. After completing the program you will stand out for your ability to integrate scientific principles, engineering knowledge and management techniques in developing innovative solutions in the water management industry.

2. Experience world-class engineering education
The Engineering part of the program will be conducted by the faculty of Civil Engineering of the RWTH Aachen University. The prime mission of this faculty is to train highly qualified and responsible engineers in the broad field of Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering, including Water Engineering, in order to prepare you for future leading positions in industry and society. Students will be trained by highly reputed professors to acquire further expertise and in-depth knowledge in the water management sector. On one hand you will become familiar with a variety of tools that will help you analyze long-term behavior and evaluate the impact of human interventions on various functions of different water systems. On the other hand the program will also look at the management and decision-making process.

3. Develop your global leadership skills
On the management side, our more than six decades of international experience in international management education will enrich your skills as a globally-oriented manager. You will become a master in core management processes and in the major societal and environmental issues that set the scene for business processes in emerging economies. During themanagement classesat MSM, you will be trained in small groups to solve problems related to global transformation and sustainable competitiveness, organization development, and international project management.

4. Learn from diversity
You will share your study experience with fellow participants from all over the world. Not only will your fellow students represent various cultural backgrounds, but they will also come from different business sectors, study backgrounds and different personal networks. This variety of profiles will help you develop your multi-cultural skills, and build your global network.

5. Study in two unique historical cities
The program will give you a chance to live and study in the heart of Europe. Aachen and Maastricht are only 30 km apart from each other, and yet they are two unique cities with their own histories, languages and cultures. Both cities provide the surroundings for a memorable study experience.

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The study program will be jointly offered by the RWTH Aachen University and the Maastricht School of Management (MSM). Upon successful completion you receive a Master of Science degree from RWTH Aachen University. The M.Sc. in Management and Engineering programs are accredited by ASIIN.

Students will spend one year (first and second semester) at RWTH Aachen University in Aachen and attend the engineering courses which provide in-depth knowledge in the areas of water management, water resources and related topics. In addition, the RWTH School of Business and Economics will deliver three management modules during the first year in Aachen.

The third semester will be spent at Maastricht School of Management in the Netherlands. Students will be trained as managers with a solid knowledge of core management processes and a focus on sustainable development.

Students pursue a master thesis in the fourth semester, either at RWTH Aachen University or at Maastricht School of Management. (NB: there may still be minor changes to the curriculum).

Curriculum MSc in Management and Engineering in Water

(Please note that minor changes to the curriculum may still occur)

The M.Sc. in Management and Engineering in Water focuses on the behavior and management of water systems (e.g. rivers & lakes, ground water or coastal & marine areas) and gives you an understanding of the physical and socio-economic aspects of water management.

The main objective of the course is to offer you the expertise in the water management industry by providing a balance of technical, theoretical and practical knowledge in disciplines such as Environmental Analysis, Water Supply, Pipe Construction, Operation and Maintenance, Wastewater Treatment, Groundwater Management, Water Governance, Water and Energy, Flood and Coast Protection, Change Management (climate, demographic, urbanization).

During the program you will learn how to develop sustainable waste water treatment systems to provide high-level drinking water. You will understand how to take ecological and economical approaches into consideration when dealing with  natural water resources. The program will give you crucial insights into how to combine the technical demands of urban water supply with the preservation of ecological systems.
In your future jobs in water resources you will consult municipalities and governments in order to develop investment strategies, water conservation strategies and water cycle management. You will learn how to work together with these parties.



Admission to the MME program takes place on a competitive basis. Candidates must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Have a Bachelor degree in Engineering or in Science related to your envisioned study program awarded by an internationally recognized university-level institution.
  • Have basic knowledge in business administration. Students with no previous knowledge in management have to participate in a preparatory online courses conducted by the School of Business and Economics at the RWTH Aachen University prior to the start of the course (July-Sep).
  • Certified proof of your competence in the English language through the completion of one of the accepted examinations listed below:
    – TOEFL Internet based minimum of 90 pts/Paper based minimum of 577 pts.
    – IELTS test minimum overall band 5,5
    – Cambridge Test – Certificate in Advanced English (CAE),
    – First Certificate in English (FCE), completed with B,
    – Placement-Test of RWTH Aachen University‹s language centre (B2).
    – For German applicants: Ein Zeugnis, das englische Sprachkenntnisse auf dem Niveau B2 des “Gemeinsamen europäischen Referenzrahmens (GeR)” ausweist. Dieser Nachweis wird z.B. durch die Vorlage eines deutschen Abiturzeugnisses erbracht, aus dem ersichtlich ist, dass Englisch bis zum Ende der Qualifikationsphase 1 (Jahrgangsstufe 11 bei G8-Abitur, sonst Jahrgangsstufe 12) durchgängig belegt und mit mindestens ausreichenden Leistungen abgeschlossen wurde.

Exemptions from the English language requirements are only applicable to applicants who hold a first degree from USA, UK, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia.

  • Have practical professional experience of at least one year. This can be a practical training or work experience in the area of your program of interest during or after your first recognized university degree.

    For further admission requirements, please have a look at the requirements on the RWTH International Academy website.


The application deadline is 1 March of each year.

Please apply online via the RWTHonline portal from the RWTH Aachen University.

In addition please refer to the section ‘Application information’ on the RWTH site. This gives full details on the application process including all requirements.


Per semester € 5,500
Total for entire 2-year MSc program € 22,000


Please visit the ‘Scholarship’ pages for all information on scholarships.

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