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The higher education sector in many countries around the world is increasingly confronted with massification: a growing demand for higher education. Related to this trend, the sector is facing increased student mobility, a diversified student body, inequalities in access, growth of information and communication tools, increased autonomy, growing demands for accountability and debates on financing higher education. This calls for increased leadership and management capacity in higher education institutions. The Master in Management in Education program aims at preparing current and future middle managers in educational institutions for their managerial and leadership tasks.

The mission of the Master in Management in Education program is described as follows: To offer an academic degree program to talented educational professionals who aim to pursue a career in management and leadership by linking their professional education and experience with (scientific) knowledge and skills in the areas of management and leadership.

MSM’s MEUSE Institute has a long experience in capacity development in higher education in developing countries making it the best partner in increasing your management and leadership competences.

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The Master of Management in Education program consists of 16 courses and a final project (as depicted in the figure below). The courses are divided into four areas: foundation, functional core, integrative core and special topics. The amount of study load adds up to 1800 hours.

The foundation contains two courses. Since students are not expected to have a background in management the first course in the foundation introduces the students into the basic and interrelated concepts of management, leadership, organizations and environment. The second course in the foundation trains the students in the necessary research skills.

The six courses in the functional core aim at developing and applying knowledge in several functional management areas, both related to primary and secondary processes in educational institutions. The courses are related to the following functional business areas: operations management, marketing and relationship management, human resources management, information systems management, financial management and managerial accounting.

The integrative core contains four courses with a comprehensive perspective on management, leadership and organizations taking into account that general management requires balances between flexibility and control and between external environmental focus and internal organisational focus.

The four courses within the special topics specifically relate to the institutional context in which students operate. The following topics are included:
– Technology enabled learning
– Higher education and continuous professional development
– Higher education policies and funding
– Governance in higher education

Program integration is realized via a practically based project in which students are given the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of theory and application at Masters Level.

Master of Management2


Target Group

Currently MSM offers the Master of Management in Education solely to educational organizations aiming at increasing leadership and management capacity. The program helps developing leadership and management knowledge and skills of professionals and middle-managers without requiring a managerial background or experience.

Open enrollments in the Master of Management in Education program are not possible at this moment. Maastricht School of Management is exploring this option.


A bachelor degree (from any discipline) from a recognized institution and a thorough command of written and spoken English is required.

Proficiency in English is absolutely essential for the Master of Management in Education Program.

Applicants whose previous education has been in a language other than English, must submit evidence of proficiency in the English language by achieving the following scores:

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)
88 internet-based test
230 computer-based test
570 paper-based test


IELTS score of 6.5


An equivalent standard on an alternative test, for example.:
* Pearson test of English 59
* Cambridge Proficiency Examination C
* Cambridge Advanced English test B.



Delivery mode and duration
The program will be delivered part-time in a modular form, course by course. In most cases it will concern one cohort of students and a one-time contextualized delivery per location. The delivery format consists of a mix of face-to-face learning, distance learning and self-study. The face-to-face contact takes place at the location of the employing organization. The self-study and distance learning are supported by the MSM Moodle platform and the accessibility of the MSM Information Center via internet.

Courses will be scheduled (in close cooperation with the employing organizations) in such a way that participants can complete the program within 2½ year (part-time study).


For further information, please contact the Academic coordinator of the Master of Management in Education program:

Ms. Dr. M. (Rita) van Deuren

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