Master in Management in Sustainable Business and Innovation

Start Date
September 2017
1 year


Where your professional aspirations meet the solutions to global sustainable challenges

The Master in Management in Sustainable Business and Innovation is a truly unique, holistically driven program offering a different business paradigm for today´s young professionals. Our unique methodology ensures that you will develop the critical and design thinking skills to analyze, perform and inspire in an ever increasing volatile, uncertain, and complex business environment. However, we go one step further. While hard skills may be enough to get your foot in the door, the soft skills obtained in communication, negotiation, teamwork, and leadership are what will lift you in developing a world-class career in a company, organization, or even your own business.

The Master in Sustainable Business and Innovation is targeted towards students from diverse backgrounds, both cultural and academic, who aim to develop their career and skills in helping businesses and organizations to solve urgent and emerging environmental, economic, societal, and welfare global challenges.This degree program provides the best top faculty and sustainable leadership experts in a diverse, international, and multi-cultural setting in the heart of Europe.

Do you:
✓ Aspire to become a future leader in a private or public organization?
✓ Want to secure a more sustainable world?
✓ Want to help businesses and organizations in tackling the most important challenges the world is facing today?
✓ Want to learn the latest trends and sustainable innovations in products and services,
management practices, business models and market infra-structures that lead to higher
social impact and development?
✓ Want to experience a multi-cultural study environment in two of Europe’s most international cities?

Then the Master program Sustainable Business & Innovation is the program for you!

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The curriculum consists of 16 courses and an integrative final project resulting in a total of 60 ECTS* and equivalent study load of 1800 hours.

Module Course Educ.
• Human leadership in a VUCA world 120 4
• The role of business in society. Global challenges and
key trends.
120 4
• Strategy & Sustainability 90 3
• New economies (circular, sharing, collaborative, smart cities) 90 3
• Environmental sustainability and climate change
90 3
• Holistic management and organizational development 90 3
Functional core • Technological management and the changing nature of
90 3
• Financing for inclusive development and social impact
90 3
• International marketing 90 3
• Global Supply Chain management 90 3
• Corporate entrepreneurship and Social innovation 90 3
• Applied Data Analytics for global development Industry 4.0 90 3
• International development agenda and the Sustainable
Development Goals
90 3
• Impact evaluation 90 3
Final project • Professional practice – Research Methods & Skills 90 3
• Business Consultancy Project or Applied Research Project 390 13
TOTAL 1800 60

* The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) is a student-centered system based on the student workload required to achieve the objectives of a program.
**1 ECTS corresponds to 30 hours of study (includes both face-to-face and self-study)

The courses will be given at Maastricht School of Management. In the curriculum you will find more information about the courses, study hours and ECTs.

Our unique methodology ensures that you will develop the critical and design thinking skills to analyze, perform and inspire in an ever increasing volatile, uncertain, complex and  ambiguous business environment. But we go a step further. While hard skills may be enough to get your foot in the door at top companies, your soft skills in communication, negotiation, teamwork and leadership are what will lift you in developing a world-class career in a company, an organization, or even in your own business.

The core pillars of the MSM MMSBI program are:

  • Human Leadership Skills: The skills and confidence to be an effective team member and leader in diverse business environments.
  • Critical & Design Thinking: The strategic perspective and critical thinking skills to make a significant contribution to the company.
  • Best Professional Practice: The edge and know-how to apply the latest professional practice and tools in the real world.

Career opportunities
Sustainable Business & Innovation graduates will have the perfect profile to work in the
following positions and organizations (both private and public):

  • Chief Sustainability Officer or Sustainability Director in companies (MNE and SMEs) that
    wish to create or expand their sustainability strategies.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Human Resources Manager in companies that aim to foster social impact and provide greater benefits for their talent.
  • Sustainability Manager in business consulting firms.
  • Sustainable Business Manager in non-forprofit organizations such as foundations, NGOs and social enterprises.
  • Government Officials dedicated to reinforce the role of business entrepreneurship and
    innovation in international development and cooperation agencies, economic promotion
    agencies, smart cities, environmental and sustainability officers.
  • Entrepreneur: you will have acquired the necessary skills to set up your own sustainable

Beyond your position, the master will provide you with the skills needed to become a sustainability change maker in trade organizations, industries, foundations, NGOs
and government bodies. In addition, you will also have the chance to continue your
academic career at a university or research institution.



What we are looking for

The admissions process aims to select well-rounded candidates who will not only excel on the program, but also add value, contribute meaningfully and help create a learning environment in which all the participants on the program can reach their full potential.

We seek to fill our classes with the most promising students in terms of motivation, commitment and growth potential. In addition to an overall motivation to excel in the program, the ideal candidate will demonstrate a commitment to teamwork with leadership potential.

Successful candidates tend to possess the following qualities, which are closely related to growth potential: open-mindedness, flexibility and adaptability.

Admission requirements

  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university.
  • GMAT (min. score 650)
  • Non-native English speaking candidates and candidates whose previous education has been in a different language than English must submit evidence of English proficiency with a minimum TOEFL score of 100.
  • Other documentation: personal résumé/CV, 2 references, copy of passport, photo, undergraduate transcripts.



The tuition fee of the program is € 20.000.

Exclusive 10% early bird discount for 2017-2018 candidates who pay the full tuition fees before May 1st, 2017. 


MSM offers scholarships to help manage the cost of study. For more detailed information about the scholarships for and other program related costs, please click here. In this overview you will also find the conditions for the scholarships indicated below.

The full tuition fee of the MSM Master in Management in Sustainable Business and Innovation is: € 20,000*

Dean‹s Development Fund Based on country
Scholarships** Amount
Early Bird Discount 10%
European Star Scholarship 25%
Family Business Scholarship
Scholarship for Excellence 30%

* Flights and medical insurance are to be covered by students.
** Scholarship opportunities can be combined up to 40% of the full tuition fee (including Early Bird Discount).


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