Sustainable Business

The field of sustainable business deals with the impact that business operations and entrepreneurial decisions have on social and environmental sustainability. Social sustainability refers to the ability of business growth and success to translate into shared success, and not lead to continuing and unacceptable widening disparities and inequalities in income and wealth. Environmental sustainability refer to business practices that support the natural environment, that in fact goes beyond the notion of do no harm towards progressively contributing to a cleaner, more healthy and durable natural environment – the circular economy.

Online resources available:

Title  Lecturer Duration
Development Economics Prof. Wim Naudé 02:00
Can promoting shared prosperity help to reduce global poverty? Dr. Mario Negre 02:08
Early- Life Conditions and Economic Development Prof. Philip Verwimp 28:52
Youth Development in Egypt  Dr. Stephanie Jones 18:50
UNICEF Ambassadors talking about climate change in Zambia Ms. Tabitha Nkhata and Mr. Brighton M. Kaoma 23:53
Shared Societies and Armed Conflict  Prof. Wim Naudé 17:59
Where did the money go Steven Tobin 21:01
An international Crisis of Social Justice, Occupy Wall Street and the Realm of Policy Sara Burke  35:02
Can the Economics of Shared Societies Support More Resilient Economies and Global Sustainability?  Rob Harrison  23:26
Challenges and opportunities in an interdependent world  Protap Mukherjee  17:46
Northern Ireland Peace Monitoring results Paul Nolan  28:50
Global sustainability, case of Tunisia Juan Ramon de Laiglesia 29:26
How does South Africa perceive shared society Jan Hofmeyr 28:56
Towards greater equality in China Guanghua Wan 57:51
Violence Containment in the United States Daniel Hyslop  37:19
Shared societies, do they improve economic performance  Aldo Caliari  30:56
Link between service delivery and state legitimacy Thea Hilhorst  37:51
Peace, Security and Development Network Derick Brinkerhoff 34:28
Ethical Business and New Roles of Leadership Dr. Jan Worst 26:22
Effective natural resource management for inclusive and sustainable growth Dirk Willem te Velde 37:41
Daring to create a radical new vision for Management Education  Katrin Muff 42:00
Corporate Social Responsibility Rio Praaning Prawira Adinigrat 2:58