Online mini-MBA

The MSM Mini Open Online MBA
Maastricht School of Management has been offering its highly accredited (AMBA, ACSBP, IACBE) MBA degree in emerging economies for almost two decades. Based on this proven experience and quality we have designed a Mini Open Online MBA, based on the essentials of our MBA, to provide a short, succinct but relevant and cutting-edge overview of modern management education. We hope the course in itself will serve the purpose of a useful fast introduction to the MBA, and also be valuable in offering some new insights to those who enroll in it.

Through this course you will have the great opportunity to “meet” our faculty members. For those who have already obtained an MBA degree the course will be a perfect refresher course and networking opportunity through discussion forums.

How does the program work?
The MSM Mini Open Online MBA program is organized as a self-paced and fully online course. The subjects have been divided into 3 blocks (The Organization, The Individual and The Society & Market), which together provide you with the most essential topics in the area of management and reflect the underlying logic of every MBA degree.


As far as the courses are concerned: each course, 7 in total, last an average of only 15 minutes – thus going straight to the core of the topic – and illustrating what is the most interesting and contemporary in the MBA.

Over time, more courses will be added to the blocks, meaning that the MSM Mini Open Online MBA is a dynamic, living program.