The field of entrepreneurship deals with the identification of business opportunity, the creation, start-up, growth and death of firms, the nature of self-employment, the constraints to business ownership and the impact of entrepreneurship on economic growth and development.

Online resources available:

Title Lecturer Duration
Is Technological Innovation Making Society more Unequal?

Prof. Wim Naudé

Entrepreneurship and wellbeing Prof.  José Ernesto Amorós 05:09
Women Entrepreneurship and Innovation  Dr. Fulvia Farinelli 03:20
Women Entrepreneurs in Danger Zones  Tamara Myatt 01:56
Gender Dynamics in Innovative Funding Mechanisms and Market Driven Development Programs  Dr. Alicia Robb 02:40
Are female entrepreneurs the new heroes of the developing economy? Prof. Susan Marlow 02:18
Process of entrepreneurship and sharing knowledge Prof. Wynand Bodewes 03:47
Young innovators and entrepreneurs in Egypt Juliane Brach 02:20
Natural Disasters and Entrepreneurship: Global Challenges Prof. Wim Naudé 32:03
Security Concerns: Piracy at Sea and the Carriage of Essential Commodities by Merchant Shipping  Dr. Stephanie Jones 23:48
Climate Change and the Entrepreneurial Response in Rural China Meine Pieter van Dijk 21:50