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What are the MOOEs?
Our Maastricht Open Online Education (MOOE) resources, or simply MOOEs, offer free access to learning materials for businesses and managers. The MOOEs cover the following areas: entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership and governance, higher education management, agri-business, water management, sport management, sustainable business and engineering and management.

What do our MOOEs consist of?
The learning materials consist of short video’s wherein MSM’s faculty, adjunct faculty, guest lecturers or senior students set out the key issues in a particular topic, or their specific point of view.

In many cases supplementary reading material is available in the form of an online publication, including from our Working Paper Series or a link to a publishers website.

Our MOOEs are for you if you are:

Studying management, entrepreneurship or governance, either at an advanced or introductory level – our video clips are mostly accessible to a beginner-level although some do assume thorough prior knowledge.
Interested in new developments in global business.
Considering enrolling for a graduate management education program and wanting to sample the nature of the subject.
A lecturer or teacher in management looking for supplementary materials to enrich your curricula.
A recruiter or marketing officer wishing to promote the program and expertise of the Maastricht School of Management.

To get an overview of the current subjects covered, go below to MOOEs per subject category.

MOOEs per subject Category

Leadership and Governance
Sustainable Business
Higher Education Management
Agri-business Management
Water Management
Sport Management
Engineering and Management