Certified in Management Summer School Barcelona

Start Date
July / August 2019
2-8 weeks


In July & August 2019, Maastricht School of Management offers you the opportunity to follow up to four intensive summer courses to become ‘certified in management.’

The first out of the series Certified in Management Summer Courses will be delivered at the Student Hotel Campus (TSH) in Eindhoven. The other three courses will take place at the Student Hotel Campus (TSH) “Marina” in the beautiful Mediterranean city of Barcelona, Spain. The Student Hotel serves students throughout Europe. They know that today’s students are eager to learn and to develop. Preferably while having fun exploring the world. The Certified in Management program of MSM caters to that appetite.

Course aim
During the summer intensive courses of two weeks each you will touch on 4 important pillars of management – Cultural diversity, Marketing, Entrepreneurship & Innovation and Economics. You can choose how many of the 4 courses (3 ECTS each) you want to follow.

  • Each course starts with four class days in which lectures and case discussions are used to introduce the main theoretical insights and to explore how these insights can inform managerial practice.
  • In the second week of each course we extend the “lecture room” into the city: you may expect the final course assignments to require you to interact with businesses and/or entrepreneurs in Barcelona. For each course, you will have to document your lessons learned in a paper.

Successful completion of this program requires a substantial commitment.


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Target group

  • 3rd or 4th year Bachelor students with an interest in pursuing a Master in Management
    • The ECTS obtained in the Summer Intensive courses can be exempted from the full-time MSM Master in Management
    • A reduced tuition fee will be offered to students who decide to enroll in the MSM Master of Management
  • Master students with an interest in management who wish to broaden their horizon
  • Young professionals who wish to freshen-up their management skills to become more efficient leaders in their fields. Please note that you must be registered as a student at MSM or at another school or university to participate in the program!

Program structure

The program comprises of four regular courses of the MSM Master in Management curriculum. In the Certified in Management program we explore management from four angles and levels.

Start date End date Course ECTS Venue
Course 1 01-07-2019 12-07-2019 Managing Cultural Diversity 3 TSH Eindhoven
Course 2 15-07-2019 26-07-2019 Marketing Management 3 TSH “Marina”, Barcelona
Course 3 29-07-2019 09-08-2019 Entrepreneurship and Innovation 3 TSH “Marina”, Barcelona
Course 4 12-08-2019 23-08-2019 Economics for Managers 3 TSH “Marina”, Barcelona

Managing Cultural Diversity
This course focuses on managing cultural diversity in the international business context. Its aim is to provide participants with a conceptual and practical understanding of the role of culture and diversity in the achievement of an organization’s strategy, with specific attention to the complexity of managing people in a cross-cultural environment. Participants are challenged to increase their knowledge and understanding of the relative contribution of cross-cultural expertise to management and business effectiveness. The course provides hands-on insights into the impact of cultural factors in management and business, intercultural communication, and working with cross-cultural teams.

Marketing Management
Marketing and Customer Relationship Management deals with the delivery of the actual service or product value to customers or clients. This course covers acquiring knowledge on customers’ or clients’ characteristics and needs and their buying and decision making behavior, of attracting and selecting customers or clients by marketing communication and distribution of the product or service and of maintaining relationships with customers or clients and other stakeholders. The course introduces the concepts of markets, producers and consumers, competition, supply and demand and encourages discussion how these concepts apply to their practice taking into account the role of governments and regulating institutions. Through usage of practical business case studies several analyses of complex market environments will be made. Furthermore, the course deals with consumer or client’s needs and buying behavior and the usage of market research to acquire knowledge on these aspects.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Many companies and organizations understand that innovation can be a vehicle to competitive success. Governments understand that innovation, and especially innovation by entrepreneurial ventures are disproportionally important to economic development and economic growth. Managers often understand, but not always appreciate, that entrepreneurial employees play an instrumental role in bringing about innovation and renewal. In a dynamic competitive environment (with competitive maneuvering, changing customer preferences or changing societal expectations) one must change to maintain position or to grow one’s business. Product innovation can then be seen as an ultimate weapon to leapfrog or to stay ahead of the competition. Such innovation is of strategic importance. Many firms try to generate a substantial amount of revenues from newly introduced products. Such “refreshment” is often perceived to be necessary because competitors also do this. Continuously updating and renewing one’s products and services is already a challenge, as we know that most new products will fail on the market. Yet, how should one cope with employee initiatives that could possibly grow the company? These tend to be even more risky, and may not fit with the current business or corporate strategy. It seems that successful innovation could benefit from entrepreneurial behavior, not only from top-management and or product-developers, but also from other employees. In this course, you will learn that entrepreneurial behavior is not limited to those that pursue self-employment. You will also learn that entrepreneurial innovation in a corporate environment is inherently paradoxical.

Economics for Managers
This course introduces economics and seeks to study the functioning of markets, both on micro and macro level. On the micro-economic level, we shall discuss the behavior of consumers, producers or firms, and try to understand the process of price formation and output determination in various market structures, and seek to understand how costs influence a firm’s profitability. On the macro-economic level, we seek to understand the causes and consequences of economic fluctuations and economic growth and try to understand how the government might influence the economy such as to stimulate economic growth and to stabilize inflation and unemployment at acceptable levels.


Fee info

The fee for one two-week course is € 1,155.

Fee info:

  • You register for 1 to 4 courses
  • Each course will take 2 weeks to complete (3 ECTS)
  • Each course starts with 4 lecture days and concludes with self-study and an assignment
  • Successful completion is certified in a diploma awarded by the renowned Maastricht School of Management
  • 14 nights accommodation at TSH Campus Eindhoven and/or Marina (private room, private bathroom, access to a shared open-plan kitchen)
  • Group welcome drink & goodbye dinner
  • Course and accommodation in 1 venue. TSH Marina Barcelona is only 15 minutes from the beach!

Expected additional costs are transport to and from Eindhoven and/or Barcelona, meals, visa costs and personal expenses on location.


The application window to register will be opened later this year.

About MSM and TSH

About MSM
Founded in 1952, Maastricht School of Management (MSM) is one of the oldest and most international business schools in the Netherlands. MSM offers research-driven and internationally accredited MBA, MSc and MM degrees, as well as many shorter professional and executive courses. The executive courses are offered as open enrollment programs as well as custom made programs to suit the needs of organizations in the public and private sector.

MSM is located in the beautiful historical city of Maastricht in the Netherlands – right in the heart of Europe. MSM received European Tier One MBA ranking in the 2017 CEO Magazine Global MBA Ranking. MSM’s MBA program is ranked #2 in the Netherlands according to Eduniversal’s 2017 Best Master ranking. In 2014 and 2016, MSM was a finalist for the prestigious Association of MBA’s (AMBA) Innovation Award. Around 1,000 students graduate every year from MSM’s programs, and MSM alumni occupy top positions in business, government and academia.

About TSH Campus – Marina
TSH Campus – Marina, The Student Hotel’s student-only residence, is a place where young, eager and aspiring minds thrive. We are more than a home-away-from-home. We are a family-away-from-family.

Our safe, central location in the cosmopolitan Barcelona is perfect for exploring the lively arts and tapas scene of Spain’s capital or the beach freedom of the Mediterranean sea. Inside our secure, key-card only facility you’ll find our signature design style where big, inviting communal spaces make it easy to spark a new connection and make life-long friends.

As we are a full-service student campus with accommodation, classrooms and study spaces all under one roof TSH Campus – Marina is the best place to work and play during the summer months. For down time between studies, we also have a restaurant, gym, and a game room – all under one roof!

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