The MSM Board has taken additional measures to limit the spread of the Corona (Covid-19) virus, in alignment with the measures announced by the Dutch Government.

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Covid-19 updates

Update Full-time MBA: Online September 2020 intake and on-campus January 2021 intake


These insecure times has required MSM to remain flexible, and adapt, to the situation at hand. To accommodate your needs, we have therefore made the following changes to our MSM full-time MBA program, allowing you to choose one of the following 2 options:

- Start your full-time MBA journey online in September 2020 and join the on-campus classes in January 2021
- Start your full-time MBA journey on campus* in January 2021
*It is our intention to offer a hybrid, “live-streaming” version for those that are delayed, due to covid-19 specific issues (visa delays/ travel bans/ self-isolation etc).‚Äč

International experience
The online September 2020 intake will merge with the January 2021 intake to ensure a truly international MSM experience for all students. 

Application deadlines
September application deadlines
Application deadline non-EU residents (private sponsorship): 12 September 2020
Application deadline EU residents (private sponsorship): 12 September 2020
Start of Program: 21 September 2020

January application deadlines
Early Bird*: 15 September 2020
Application deadline non-EU residents (private sponsorship)**: 4 November 2020
Application deadline EU residents (private sponsorship)**: 7 December 2020
Start of Program: 4 January 2021

*Please note that the application processing time takes three weeks.
*January 2021 intake: Applications received after 4 November (non-EU) and 7 December (EU) 2020 will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and a late application fee could apply.

Details online intake: 21 September 2020
The online start to the MBA in September, is based on our MSM Online MBA. However, to ensure that you can already work with your fellow Full-Time MBA colleagues, a bespoke online cohort has been specifically created for you. This means that you will already have the opportunity to connect and work with your future classmates.

  • The online MBA courses will follow the same course content as the on-campus course content.
  • The Online course structure has been specifically created for working professionals. This means that you can continue working while doing the first 2 courses of your MBA.
  • The Online intake will give you a bit more “breathing space” to focus on your thesis once you arrive at MSM.
  • MSM’s online MBA is extremely well reviewed and ranked #2 in the Netherlands and in the top #15 in the world.
  • Upon graduation, your degree will not mention “Online” MBA.
  • Please note that the Levelling Courses will need to be completed before the start of the Business Communication course, namely before 21 September.
  • To be able to start the online intake, no visa is required. However, you will need to have paid a first installment of at least 5000 euro by 12 September to be considered “enrolled” for this intake. 
  • By starting earlier, and if all goes well, you will also finish your studies earlier (end October/beginning November), giving you a slight advantage in the job searching phase.

Online start: schedule

Courses Start date End date Final assignment deadline
Business Communication* 21 September 4 October /
Change Management 5 October 1 November 15 November
Marketing in the Global Context 16 November 13 December 27 December

*The Business Communication course will start on 21 September. It is compulsory to complete, if you want to be able to continue with the 2 online courses afterwards. However, if you decide, after starting the Business Communication, that the format is not for you and that you would rather not start the online courses, and wait till January for the on-campus experience, then this is entirely possible without any consequences to your MBA or financially. You will need to inform the admissions office by 4 October. You will then be deferred to the January intake.

Details on-campus intake: 4 January 2021
The January Intake will take place on campus, from 4 January. It is our intention to provide a hybrid, “live-streaming” version for those that are delayed, due to Covid-19 specific issues (visa delays/travel bans/self-isolation etc).

The January intake will stream into the September cohort, to become one cohort.

Please note that we will start working on the visa applications from beginning October since we are expecting delays in the processing of visa, and would like to do everything in our power to help everyone start on time in January, at MSM.

This means that ideally, payments (50% of the net tuition fee) should be made by end of September. The Admissions Officers will also then guide you through the visa processes, informing you of the documents that they need from you etc.

Although we strongly recommend all non-EU candidates to make payments before October, the final deadline for non-EU applications will be 4 November. Please note that due to extra-long visa processing waiting times, we do not recommend waiting till this time.

MSM offers several scholarships for privately funded students. Please be aware that our scholarships are also available for our January 2021 intake. For the Women Ambassador Scholarship and Academic Excellence Scholarship we have set the following deadlines for the January intake:

Woman Ambassador scholarship application deadline: 7 December
Academic Excellence Scholarship: 7 December

Click here for more information about all MSM’s scholarships.

If you would like to discuss your options, please contact us via
For any admissions related questions, you can contact us via 

While we are busy preparing a successful and safe Full-time MBA program on campus in January 2021, we would like to inform you of the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. Like other countries in Europe, the Netherlands is taking action to cope with the spread of the virus. We still expect that the programs will be able to start on-campus on January 4, 2021.

Please be assured that we have taken all the necessary steps to ensure a safe study environment.

The MSM building will be open, with measures in place to ensure everyone's safety, such as social distancing, compulsory facemasks, controlled access and increased cleaning.

MSM will need to remain flexible to respond to any changes that may be required to our placements. We will continue to closely monitor developments and take necessary action in line with the latest government advice, along with guidance from RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment): RIVM guidelines

MSM reserves the right to cancel on-campus teaching in the unfortunate event of new, tightened national regulations, or if students are not allowed to travel to the Netherlands. In such an event, we will inform all applicants about the consequences for the January intake via email as soon as possible.

Please ensure that you purchase travel cancellation insurance and only make travel and accommodation bookings that are fully refundable in case of changes or cancellations. 

Please note that MSM cannot reimburse any expenses incurred beyond fees explicitly paid!.