The MSM Board has taken additional measures to limit the spread of the Corona (Covid-19) virus, in alignment with the measures announced by the Dutch Government.

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MSM Covid-19 updates

Update Master in Management: September 2020 on-campus start and January 2021 hybrid option

After thorough consideration it has been decided that, covid-19 permitting, the MSM Master in Management 2020 intake will start as planned on the MSM campus in Maastricht on 5 October 2020.

Update Full-time MBA: Online September 2020 intake and on-campus January 2021 intake

These insecure times has required MSM to remain flexible, and adapt, to the situation at hand. To accommodate your needs, we have therefore made the following changes to our MSM full-time MBA program, allowing you to choose one of the following 2:

Food Security Initiative: Necessity is the mother of all invention

The spread of COVID-19 is having a devastating effect on countries’ economies and their citizens’ health. However, also good may come from a crisis, such as innovate ideas, products and services. After all, necessity is the mother of all invention.

Iniciativa de Seguridad Alimentaria: La necesidad es la madre de toda invención

La propagación de COVID-19 está teniendo un efecto devastador en las economías de los países y la salud de sus ciudadanos. Sin embargo, también puede surgir algo bueno de una crisis, como ideas, productos y servicios innovadores.

Food Security Initiative: The importance of effective food platforms

Effective food platforms can improve the balance of supply and demand and reduce food insecurity in the first place. Too often there can be food surplus in one part of a country causing farmers massive losses as prices collapse

Iniciativa de Seguridad Alimentaria: La importancia de unas plataformas alimentarias eficaces

Unas plataformas alimentarias eficaces pueden mejorar el equilibrio entre la oferta y la demanda y, en primer lugar, reducir la inseguridad alimentaria.

Food Security Initiative: Emergency Food Flows

Covid-19 has the potential to bring many people into a food emergency crisis and this is the case. An estimated 94 million people across 29 countries will need urgent humanitarian food assistance as result of Covid-19.

Iniciativa de Seguridad Alimentaria: Corrientes de alimentos de emergencia

Covid-19 tiene el potencial de llevar a muchas personas a una crisis alimentaria de emergencia y este es el caso. Unos 94 millones de personas en los 29 países necesitarán asistencia alimentaria humanitaria urgente como resultado de Covid-19.

Food Security Initiative: Sustaining Food Flows

Sustaining food flows and preventing a global food crisis is of high importance during the Covid-19 pandemic or any global crisis. In these difficult times where an economic crisis is luring in the back, food security is a key concern for governments

Iniciativa de Seguridad Alimentaria: Mantenimiento de las corrientes de alimentos

El mantenimiento de las corrientes de alimentos y la prevención de una crisis alimentaria mundial revisten gran importancia durante la pandemia de Covid-19 o cualquier crisis mundial. En estos tiempos difíciles en los que se avecina una crisis económ