MSM’s Global DBA School: Meet our Worldwide Partner Institutes

3 August 2017

MSM runs a truly international DBA School, with over two hundred Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) candidates currently enrolled from no less than 38 different countries worldwide. Our DBA School is thus not merely the largest in Europe, but – resonating with MSM’s ambition to be a ‘local star that shines globally’ – also contributes to the improvement of management and business in a global sense. MSM’s leading international position is anchored in its close relations with its excellent partner institutes. In addition to its Maastricht-based DBA, MSM offers DBA education in eight other countries in close coordination with its local partners.

In Germany, MSM runs a DBA program together with the RWTH Aachen University Business School since 2016. The RWTH Business School is specialized in the intersection of management and technology and engineering. Located at the heart of Germany’s leading university of technology, it strives to develop technology leaders and entrepreneurs who are able to leverage emerging technologies into viable and socially responsible business models.

Since this year, MSM also offers a DBA program in Iran via its partnership with the Amirkabir University of Technology located in Teheran. Amirkabir University includes more than 16 departments and 32 research institutes. Its mission is to serve national and international communities through the development of science, technology and innovative research. Amirkabir’s joint DBA with MSM is part of its vision to develop human resources that foster entrepreneurship and help gain an industrial competitive advantage that can contribute to the country’s economic growth.

In Egypt, MSM has long been implementing its DBA program together with the Regional Information Technology Institute (RITI). RITI is a regional training and human resource development institute that was established to become one of the leading institutions in this field in the Arab region. RITI’s mandate concerns the design and delivery of training and development programs for academics as well as practitioners to help leverage skills and knowledge in various realms of management, business, and information technology.

In the Middle East, MSM also partners with HRD Global as MSM Kuwait to assure the delivery of a meaningful, enjoyable and rigorous learning experience for seasoned professionals seeking personal and career development.

In Peru and Colombia, the CENTRUM Católica Graduate Business School has been MSM’s long-term partner in providing DBA education in Latin America. CENTRUM is dedicated to academic excellence grounded in humanistic values and scientific foundations. With MSM, it shares a commitment to contribute to the sustainable development of organizations through the formation of socially responsible leaders inspired by ethical principles. It upholds a strategic, global and holistic vision of business that engenders managerial skills as well as an entrepreneurial spirit and positive societal change.

MSM also offers its DBA degree in Africa, through its partnership with Ghana’s Regent University College of Science and Technology. Regent University boasts a national agenda and a global focus and is dedicated to raising highly skillful, visionary, ethical and passionate leaders to function as change agents in their societies. Its programmes aim to produce outstanding technological human resource and delivers graduates with a keen understanding of prevailing economic issues and technological problems.

MSM’s DBA presence in Asia is realized through its partnership with Nanjing University Business School. Nanjing Business School embraces the vision to build one of the top business schools at home and abroad through creating new business knowledge, developing students’ talents and contributing to the country’s future. In this endeavor, Nanjing Business School puts a premium on internationalization in order to cultivate talents with a global perspective and an innovative capability to excel in economic and management careers.

In the year that MSM celebrates its 65th anniversary, MSM is particularly proud of its committed and outstanding partners that help our DBA School to bring MSM’s vision of doctoral education that leads to ethical management, inspiring leadership, innovative entrepreneurship and effective public policy to all corners of the world.

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