MSM Sports Management Executive MBA aims at Chinese Market: Partners with Dong Dao Group

16 September 2015

MSM’s Sports Management Executive MBA has entered into a partnership with the Chinese Dong Dao Group to promote sport management in China and to promote sport-education exchanges and networking between Chinese sports officials, entrepreneurs and companies, and Dutch counterparts. Various exciting initiatives are planned about which more information will be released in due course.

(Photo: Ms. Kati Kovacs, Prof. Wim Naudé, Mr. Chun Li, Ms. Amy Wang and Mr. Camil Smeulders discussing Sports Management in Maastricht)

Having recently been awarded the 2022 Winter Olympics, sports are big business in China, and the market is growing rapidly. The country’s State Council has prioritized sport, and aims to increase the value of the sports industry from its current approximately $146 billion to $813 billion over the next ten years.

MSM, has much experience and alumni in China, and is officially recognized by the Chinese government as a higher education provider in the Netherlands. The school is therefore in a prime position to contribute to the growing demand for sport managers in China.

Its recently launched Executive MBA in Sports Management is therefore pleased to have welcomed as partner the Dong Dao Group. Its Managing Director, Mr. Chun Li visited MSM recently to discuss the co-operation and to meet with several of the other partners in this program, such as SportBizz and TopSport Limburg.

Dong Dao Group

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