MSM, Maastricht and Metamorphic Books

13 August 2017

Mini-Expo Centre Céramique, Maastricht
18 April – 13 August 2017
As one of the oldest business schools in the Netherlands, celebrating 65 years in 2017, the Maastricht School of Management encourages students to appreciate that science and democracy offer the best approaches towards solving the complex problems that humans may face, whether in business or in life. The vehicle per excellence for the spread of science and democracy is the book, in all its traditional (paper) and modern (electronic) forms.

For this photo exhibition, 20 faculty, staff, students and alumni have selected a special place in Maastricht to reveal the metamorphic book that has made them better appreciate the contribution of science and/or democracy to their lives.

Through this selection, MSM showcases its commitment to science and societal development, in Maastricht and in the world.

When: 18 April – 13 August 2017

Where: Centre Céramique, Avenue Céramique 50, Maastricht


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