MSM Corporate Days: first step to the next step in our students’ careers

11 July 2017

MSM recently held three “Corporate Days” to provide its Master in Management and MBA students with information related to career development, working in the Netherlands and strengthening career management skills. During the event students could meet-and-greet with corporate partners; attend company presentations and workshops; attend an information session with the Expat Center, and participate in career- and personal development training sessions.

MSM MBA student Luis Alonso Segil Palacios from Peru speaks full of praise about the MSM Corporate Days: “The MSM Corporate Days were really useful. Not only related to the next steps for developing my professional career after the MBA, but also for the development and strengthening of my skills as part of my personal and professional growth. My main motivations for attending several workshops, training, and presentation were to have the first contact with companies and to have a better overview of the job opportunities in the Netherlands.” … “I wish MSM will keep organizing similar events in the future and that I can take part of them as a student or Alumni to catch up with job market requirements and trends.”

The Corporate Days kicked off on Wednesday 28 June with an interactive breakfast session on the behavior of a manager and how to develop this behavior, led by Dr. René Jansen from 6P Consultancy.
Feye Zwart, international head hunter at Copper Bird Consulting, followed with a presentation during which he shared some of his experiences working as a recruiter dealing with intercultural (mis)communications. The morning of the first day concluded with the official launch of the new MSM Career Center and the introduction of Job Teaser, a brand new platform designed to help our students find their dream job. During this session the students were also provided with some practical tips on how you can make a CV video clip to upgrade your resume.

On Wednesday afternoon the corporate days continued with a session by the Holland Expat Center and the Labor Department Maastricht. The students received insightful information about the Orientation Year (“zoekjaar”), next steps to living in Maastricht and the Netherlands, and the Dutch labor market.
To end the first out of the three corporate days, the students had the opportunity to participate in an interactive yoga and mindfulness session which gave them more insights in how to cope with stress during their studies, in their private lives and at their workplaces in a more helping way.

The second day of the MSM Corporate Days was in the sign of company presentations. Several renowned companies provided the students with information about their respective firms: Weir Minerals, Medtronic, ArcelorMittal, Mercedes Benz and AB InBev. MBA student Luis: “The company presentations in which managers and recruiters from five companies talked about their core business and job opportunities were an opportune starting point to spread my network out in the job market and to get some advice about the right readiness before going to an interview. Also considering some differences that recruiters in Peru, my homeland, have to evaluate a potential applicant for a job position.”

On the last day students enjoyed two interactive workshops. Mr. Horst Hanisch gave a special workshop on “Improving your Communication Efficiency”. According to MBA student Luis, this workshop allowed him to “learn some important tips about body language to transmit security during the first impression.”
The second workshop was an “Improvisational theater workshop with the focus on saying “Yes! And…” accepting your own ideas and those of others!”. Luis: “I really enjoyed the funny Improvisation workshop because I felt very comfortable to improvise and to work on some aspects such as controlling my tone of voice and the correct standing upright to be aligned to what I am talking about. It will help me to keep a positive energy and to foster my creativity to deal with challenging and unforeseen circumstances that happen during daily life”.

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