About the MEUSE-Institute

The MEUSE-INSTITUTE: Our vehicle for outreach knowledge generation and transfer

Maastricht School of Management is a knowledge institution where the generation and dissemination of knowledge that can improve global management, in line with our mission and vision, is our core business. We generate knowledge through research, and disseminate this through our formal, degree-programs, but also through tailor-made capacity building and consultancy projects. Given our historical foundation and commitment to developing and emerging economies, and our vision of bridging advanced and emerging economies, we  organize our research on emerging economies and our outreach capacity building and knowledge transfer initiatives under the umbrella of our MEUSE-Institute.

The MSM  MEUSE-Institute focuses on
•    Capacity Development and Consulting
•    Applied Research and Policy Advocacy

The MEUSE-Institute was established in early 2014 by Maastricht School of Management. The acronym MEUSE appropriately refers to the river Meuse (Maas), an almost 1,000 km major European river flowing through Maastricht that has connected various countries throughout Europe with the rest of the world over many centuries – through water-borne trade and business. The MEUSE-Institute can be based on a vision of connecting Europe and Emerging Economies through sustainable and mutually beneficial business development.

logo-Meuse-Institute-smallThe logo of the MEUSE-Institute is based on the Mosasaurus, a ferocious animal that lived approximately 70 million years ago in the area of Maastricht, where the first specimen was discovered.