Implications of the 4th Industrial Revolution for Telecom Operators: DBA defense at MSM

7 December 2017

The DBA program has been a great learning journey, where I have developed more skills and discovered myself in facing new challenges. It has enhanced my intellectual and analytical abilities and opened a new paradigm in the way I am approaching different topics and problem-solving business challenges. I would strongly recommend it.”

This said Mr. Tamer Eltoni after successfully defending his DBA thesis titled: Market Penetration of Mobile Data Services: Factors that Increase the Service Adoption. A tale of two countries at MSM on 1 December 2017.

Research Summary
Mobility and Mobile Data Services has been an area for growth in the last decade for Telecom Operators and helps in shaping the future of similar services such as Cloud, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. Understanding some of the reasons for this growth lies in comprehending the factors behind the consumer behaviour and the intention towards usage. Hence, to influence this behaviour it’s important for marketers to understand how to impact consumer’s adoption.

The study aims to identify influential factors in the adoption of the technology. The main reference adopted for the study was the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) model by Venkatesh et al. in 2003. The relationship of the constructs of a modified UTAUT model has been examined to determine how they differ by market. Hence, it would be possible to identify if there are different actions required to increase the adoption in each market.

The results of the study presented both theoretical and practical implications that can be used by service providers to increase the service adoption rate and opens the door for more future research within the 4th Industrial revolution era.

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