Enhancing implementation skills of Mozambican ISDB Middle Management

4 October 2017

Recently, a group of 7 middle managers from ISDB visited MSM for a two-week training session. The two-week session is part of a larger training scheme aimed at supporting middle management in implementing the ISDB strategic plan.

As such, the practice oriented training is made up of two interconnected lines. One line is focusing on the hard aspects of management aimed at developing feasible plans, procedures and organizational structures. The other line, complementing to the first is about soft

leadership skills and communication. MSM trainers Rui Santos and Sonja Vlaar delivered the two-week training session. Exposure visits were made to Aviation Competence Centre located at Maastricht Airport, to Summa College in Eindhoven and to VDL in Eindhoven.

Instituto Superior Dom Bosco (ISDB) in Maputo, Mozambique holds the mission to be a center of expertise in the preparation and development of the educational and technical-professional competences of the teachers and managers of technical-professional education. It does so by creating and management of relevant information and the by offering quality education to its graduates. In the NICHE MOZ-234 project ‘Strengthening Professional Training in Mozambique’ MSM and CINOP cooperate to strengthen ISDB capacity in education and in management and leadership skills.

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