Data Analysis using STATA

Course content
The 6- day course will focus on the following areas: 
  • Introduction to STATA: data management and descriptive statistics
  • Basic commands to tabulate data and construct graphs
  • Simple and multiple linear regression models
  • The basics of time series using STATA
Learning outcomes
  • Gain an in-depth understating of analyzing data using STATA
  • Develop ability to estimate and interpret econometric models in STATA
  • Be able to cross-tabulate data and construct complex graphs
  • Understand how to run multiple regression and panel data models
  • Be able to write short programs in STATA to input, manage and analyze large data sets

Who is the program designed for:
Participants should be familiar with basic statistics. No prior knowledge of regression models or of STATA is necessary.  The course is appropriate for doctoral students and academic researchers who plan to improve their knowledge of quantitative research methods.