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Research Methods and Skills

The tuition fee of this course is (select country).

Nuffic OKP and MSP scholarships
For the 2022 Research Methods and Skills programme, we offer the option to apply for the NUFFIC OKP and MSP scholarships. The NUFFIC OKP & MSP application round is closed. 

For the OKP and MSP application procedure for the Research Methods and Skills programme, click here.

Dean's Development Fund (DDF)

For the Dean's Development Fund, please select your country below to see the actual price of the programme (full tuition fee-/-DDF scholarship).

Alumni discount
MSM Registered alumni receive a 10% discount on the tuition fee.

Increase your chance in getting a NUFFIC OKP or MSP scholarship

Applying for a NUFFIC scholarship is highly competitive. There are many more applicants than there are scholarships available. Not everyone who applies will receive an OKP or MSP scholarship.

To increase your chances for getting awarded with a NUFFIC OKP or MSP scholarship, it is important that you collect and prepare all necessary documents. Make sure that you provide a compelling motivation about how your participation in the programme will make a positive impact on you, your employer and your country.

Furthermore, make sure that your expression of interest fits in the priority areas of your country. If your application is not well motivated and your expression of interest is not in line with the country focus, we will not be able to nominate you for a scholarship. More information about the country focus areas can be found here (for MSP) or here (for OKP). 

Please study the procedure and requirements carefully, prepare yourself well and register in the online system of Delta.

These are the steps to apply for an OKP and MSP scholarship. Click here for a more detailed explanation of each step, including the necessary documentation. 
Step 1a:      Check if you are eligible for OKP
Step 1b:      Check if you are eligible for MSP   
Step 2a:      Apply at MSM (
Step 2b:      Registration in Delta for OKP or MSP