Research Methods and Skills

Research Methods and Skills – on campus

In a full-time 12 weeks program on-campus in Maastricht, you will follow five Subject Modules consecutively. It is thus an intensive period of study with plenary class sessions being combined with individual and group assignments and self-study. Discussions with peers and RMS lecturers about your initial research ideas will help you sharpen and refine these ideas. The coursework and assignments are all geared towards drafting a solid individual 10-page Research Proposal that needs to be presented and defended successfully for a committee of RMS lecturers. The program is delivered in the period from 2 September to 22 November. 

Research Methods and Skills – blended

Participants may also follow the RMS training program blended. This program is identical to the on-campus training program, be it that the class lectures have been replaced by instructive videos and webinars. Participants will receive individual feedback on their assignments during four previously scheduled support periods. However, it will also require a disciplined work ethic to do so in a timely manner.

Participants of the blended program must pass the RMS training program within 6 months after the first day they started the program, followed by a period for possible re-sits of assignments up to the maximum of 3 months. In total, thus, RMS blended course work may take 9 months.

Blended RMS Participants are required to attend the on-campus program in Maastricht for a period of at least 2 weeks, during Subject Module 1 (Introduction to Research Methodology). By joining MSM Maastricht for the first Module, participants will be able not only to meet the MSM lecturers, but also fellow (international) students. Class room interactions, peer reviews and group assignments in this Module have proven to be beneficial for students so as to sharpen and refine their initial research ideas.

The program follows a hands-on approach and teaches participants (1) how to design a sound and feasible research proposal, (2) how to collect reliable quantitative and qualitative data, (3) how to analyze qualitative and quantitative data through valid methods, and (4) how to report on the research results according to academic standards. More specifically, the program comprises five different Subject Modules which are all geared towards the final product of this program: an individual 10-page Research Proposal, presentation and defense.

The program is designed for:
  • Researchers in government departments
  • Private sector firms
  • NGOs and international development organizations
  • Doctoral candidates
  • Early career researchers

MSM has the right to cancel the program if the minimum number of participants does not meet MSM requirements.