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Sports Management specialization

In the Sports Management specialization you will be thoroughly immersed in understanding the key elements of managing a sports business. The specialization offers in-depth courses on

  • Sport Marketing & Sponsorship
  • Event & Sport Facilities Management
  • High Performance Management in Sports
  • Legal Issues, and Liabilities & Ethics in Sports

Sport Marketing & Sponsorship
This specialization course applies the principles of marketing to the sports sector, including the management of sponsor relationships. Among others, the subject covers: marketing through sponsorships, fundraising, brand management, licensing, sport media and communications, marketing communications and management, distribution product decisions, pricing, promotion.

Event & Sport Facilities Management
The organization of sports events requires specialized knowledge of event and facility management. Sports arenas are unique environments and this course prepares you for becoming effective managers of these environments. Not only does the design, maintenance, and full utilization of athletic facilities require specialized competences of the sports manager, also the planning, implementation, and evaluation of sport events is an important part of the course.

High Performance Management in Sports
The development of high performing athletes and teams is obviously of great importance to sport organizations. The course discusses among others the identification and development of talent, the design and implementation of effective high performance programs in sport, and the key challenges in managing elite athletes, sports people and teams. The course will draw on real-world cases introduced by prominent guest speakers from the world of top sports.

Legal Issues, Liabilities & Ethics in Sports
This course introduces the legal issues that are important within the contexts of sports enterprises and prepares participants for dealing with the legal ramifications of the sporting world. In addition the course introduces ethical issues important in the sports business. Students will be introduced to philosophical theory that has relevance for the moral and ethical development of sports people, as well as guided in the development of a consistent value system that is based on justice and responsibility.