M.Sc. in Management and Engineering in Water

Water management comes with many challenges, both economic and ecological, and implies a sound combination of management skills and water engineering know-how. The acquisition, distribution and management of water resources will become even more challenging in the future than it is today. Therefore it is important that complex water systems meet the levels of service and performance requirements defined by social and environmental demands, while minimizing financial, environmental and societal costs. The continued development, operation and management of these systems require highly trained experts with knowledge and practical skills covering science, engineering and management disciplines.

Water management systems are fundamental to society, for example for the supply of safe drinking water, the treatment of waste water or flood and coastal protection and through the social and ecological consequences of water management.

The M.Sc. in Management and Engineering in Water is a two year full-time program for young professionals who aspire to fulfill leadership positions in organizations where water resource management is an issue. The master program also qualifies graduates to pursue a university career, including doctoral studies.