M.Sc. in Management and Engineering in Structural Engineering and Risk Management of Industrial Facilities

The table below provides a first overview of the curriculum (NB: there may still be minor changes to the curriculum).

You will spend the first, second and first part of the third semester at RWTH Aachen University where you will attend the engineering lectures, exercises and practical courses in Structural Engineering of Industrial Facilities. In addition, the RWTH School of Business and Economics will deliver three essential management modules during your first year in Aachen. The second part of the third semester will be spent at MSM in the Netherlands, where the focus will lie on the development of your competencies as a manager with a solid background and insights into core management processes, with a particular emphasis on sustainable development. In the fourth semester you will have one management course at RWTH and write your master’s thesis, either at RWTH Aachen University or at Maastricht School of Management.