Executive MBA Romania

The 2-year, part-time Executive MBA programme jointly offered by MSM and BISM provides state-of-the-art postgraduate education in business administration to mid-career professionals with the aim to advance their knowledge and practice of management and to train them to lead in a dynamic global business environment.

The Executive MBA is designed to stimulate creative management thinking and to meet the needs of candidates looking to improve on the theoretical underpinnings and training required to apply management knowledge into practice. Candidates are trained in an international, multicultural and multi-disciplinary setting preparing them to successfully operate in the global business environment. The Executive MBA programme can be completed in approximately 24 months. Lectures and classes are conveniently paced and are conducted on alternating weekends with an extended winter and summer break.

Programme segments
The programme consists of four segments, starting with a Foundation segment, providing a solid knowledge base in each of the major management disciplines. The following Core segment offers courses with a broader focus. These are more integrated and often multi-disciplinary in nature. The Electives segment contains a set of courses which give you the choice to gain more specialized knowledge in the fields of Marketing or Finance. The programme is completed by a Final MBA Assessment, consisting of either a Master Thesis, a Business Consultancy Project or a Business Plan.

The students will collaborate with a for-profit company and an NGO in developing and implementing strategies that will directly affect the company`s bottom line while simultaneously provide measured value to the NGO. Main objectives: impact the local community and create a defendable competitive advantage among the respective competitive set. Moreover, from day one of the Executive MBA, a Kenneth Blanchard certified executive coach is available to make sure that you get the most out of the MBA in your team work and in your individual performance.

In addition to the MBA, MSM offers an Executive Training Programme to busy professionals, tailored to their needs and schedule. Through compact, two- and three-day courses for individuals (and custom programmes for organizations) they can gain critical business knowledge, skills and tools to apply immediately on the job.

Discovery Camp
Each academic year starts with a Discovery Camp somewhere far from Bucharest. This intense weekend is designed to take you out of your comfort zone and prepare you for the physical and mental challenge of being an MBA student. The Discovery Camp gives you a chance to get to know the other students in the MBA so that you are already able to draw on each other`s unique strengths and experiences from the first class session.