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Corporate Social Responsibility

Paul Garrison

Professor of Marketing and lecturer in Ethics and Global Responsibility
Lead trainer in MSM's Corporate Social Responsibility program

Paul is Professor of Marketing and the former Dean at the Central European University Business School (CEU). Beside this he is a frequent guest lecturer at several leading universities both in Europe and the US such as Skolkovo and NYU Stern. He currently teaches at Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business and Playmouth State University in the US and as visiting lecturer at Maastricht School of Management in the Netherlands, Romania, China and Peru. Paul has worked in marketing and general management for over 30 years. He started out at Proctor & Gamble and then went on to serve two stints at Coca Cola, first in the US and then later as marketing director for Central and and Eastern Europe and finally as managing director in Hungary. In 2003, he founded the Garrison Group Strategic Consultancy with offices in Instanbul, Budapest, Krakow, Milan, Cape Town and Oslo. Although Paul is a marketeer by practice and training, he has been highly involved in optimizing Corporate Social Responsibility with the Brand Halo model his firm created and implemented with IKEA and other multinationals He has also been a strong ant-corruption advocate. In 2010, Paul spoke at a TEDx event on the societal dangers of corruption. 

“CSR is all about building value added connections to different stakeholders of the business – customers, employees, suppliers, the community and the planet”, Paul Garrison.

Mirjana Stanisic, MSc

Expert and lecturer in Project Management

Mirjana Stanisic has extensive experience in donor-funded projects in emerging and countries in transition (Egypt, Romania, Bangladesh, Serbia and Montenegro).  She worked previously as a national expert in Serbia and Montenegro and has several years of experience in international cooperation with relevant international bodies for environment and climate change. Mirjana published more than ten articles in the field of environment and participated in various project and programs funded by UNEP, UNECE, World Bank, IUFRO). Currently she is working as a consultant and lecturer at Maastricht School of Management, conducting training sessions in project management, proposal writing, sustainable development and soft skills. Besides project management and consultancy experience, she provides mentoring and coaching of participants in their individual action plans. Interested and want to know more?

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Jeroen van Wijk, PhD

Jeroen has been teaching and doing research on the relationships of private business with governments and non-governmental stakeholders, particularly in emerging economies. Jeroen is founder and owner of Fitis, Business & Geopolitics Analysis. Fitis offers teaching and managemetn services to higher education institutions, NGOs, private companies, and government authorities. Jeroen has been working for MSM since 2010 where he has hold several positions. Currently he is one of the lead trainers in MSM’s executive Corporate Social Responsibility and Value Chain Analysis program.

Diederik de Boer, PhD

Diederik is Director International Projects and Consultancies and Assistant Professor in Sustainable Development at MSM. He holds a PhD from the Erasmus University (the Netherlands), an MPA from Leiden/Rotterdam University (the Netherlands), an MBA from Bradford/Tilburg University (U.K./ The Netherlands) and a Minor in Small and Micro Credit Schemes from Harvard University Boston (USA). He worked for seven years for the United Nations and the Dutch Ministry for Development Cooperation in Cambodia, Mongolia, Korea and Palestine.  At MSM he is managing projects related to sustainable business development in a variety of countries including Kenya, Ethiopia, Georgia and Jordan.

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