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Corporate Social Responsibility

Course objectives

At the end of this  course you:

  • Will understand the role of business in society and the debate on CSR
  • Will have management knowledge about developing and implementing CSR practices and tools in an organization
  • Can apply the new knowledge to analyze an organization’s CSR strategy and develop appropriate recommendations on how to improve and strengthen this strategy
  • Can communicate effectively about the need for a CSR strategy and its implications to different stakeholders

Course topics

Topics included in the program are:

  • The role of business in society
  • The concept of CSR
  • Stakeholder management
  • Developing sustainable supply chains
  • Ethical dilemmas and decision tools for managers
  • Practical solutions to resist corruption in high risk markets

Teaching methods

This course involves an interactive learning approach, in which the participant is stimulated to move beyond his/her own country or industry sector and to connect the major changes in the entire world to personal experience as well as business cases.

Learning takes place through:

  • Self-study
  • Interactive lecturing
  • Assignments to reflect on the learning (e.g. mini-case studies, role-plays)
  • Guest lectures 
  • Individual assignment, presentation and discussion

Your profile

This program is for all senior executives, policy makers, lecturers and consultants who are involved in CSR management or are motivated to learn about and apply CSR practices.


Each participant receives a certificate of attendance. Click here for the MSM certification policy.