Sustainable Business Development

By adopting sustainable practices, companies can gain competitive edge, increase their market share, and boost shareholder value. Also, the growing demand for 'green' products has created major new markets in which sharp-eyed eco-entrepreneurs are reaping rewards. MSM has extensive experience in developing sustainable business strategies for small and large organizations including in the agriculture, tourism, industry and financial sector.

For regions, sustainability means to focus on models for sustainable local economic development taking into account challenges such as conservation and social development in for example the tourism and education sector. To successfully manage these challenges there is a need for a cooperative development approach transcending the traditional boundaries between public and private sectors. This cluster focuses on how to design public private partnerships for development including the organization of multi-stakeholder meetings. Finally, the focus is on other innovative forms of local economic development such as the Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP), Cluster strategies and Triple Helix Management. MSM has a wide experience in developing local economic development capacities for local municipalities, national ministries, associations, chambers of commerce, universities, etc.