Public Policy, Governance & Administration

The importance of effective public policy-making and administration, within the dynamic context of emerging economies, is paramount that countries, whatever their stage of development is,  facing fast and drastically changing environments in which to operate.

Also issues of globalization, migration environment and hosts of other issues are posing challenges for public policy makers and administrators.   

Leaders within Government need to be equipped with the right skills and mindset to develop and implement the requisite policies and be able to implement them, attuned to the demands from society as well as meeting global challenges.

Leaders in the public sector require analytical skills for policy analysis, monitoring and evaluation, policy and strategy formulation, as well as leadership and administrative skills, strategic leadership, change and performance management, project development and management and various aspects of competencies and skills.
MSM provides the requisite training, combining theory with an appropriate mix of skills and exposure to the European and international practice of public sector operations in a globalizing world.