Online Executive program The best of both worlds: creating sustainable business models The best of both worlds: creating sustainable business models at MSM

Program structure and objectives

Session 1 - Kick off & Setting the stage; powered by MSM-UMIO

In this session we will set the stage, introduce the participants and learn more about their learning goals and expectations of the program.

Session 2‚Äč; powered by UMIO-MSI

We live in unprecedented times: a global health crisis of an exceptional scale and an ongoing climate crisis with evermore pressing needs... In the midst of this dynamic, organisations are searching for the best way to navigate around these challenges. ‘Business as usual’ is not an option any longer. The circular economy has become an important concept to respond to these global crises and potentially offers organisations ‘a wayout’.

This session discusses the circular economy and its potential for small and large organisations. We will focus on positive examples of business model innovation for the circular economy, and we discuss approaches to inspire change.

Session 3; powered by UMIO-BISCI
COVID-19 underlines the growing need for a more sustainable economic system. The circular economy is a well-known example, designed to maximise the reusability of products and raw materials and minimise value destruction. This is in contrast to the current – predominantly linear – system in which raw materials are converted into products that are destroyed at the end of their lifespans.

In this session we will focus on the (business) opportunities that a switch in purchasing & supply management (P&SM) methodology can bring to your organisation. This session aims to boost your understanding of the opportunities, yet also the potential risks of circular P&SM, especially in times of a pandemic.

Session 4 - Circular Models put into practice; powered by UMIO
Business Best Practises & Learnings powered by UMIO & Partner Company.

Create an eco-learning system and experience the learnings from an outside in perspective using a business case and presentation of a guest lecturer of a partner company.

Teaching methods

Interactive online learning approach