Project Identification, Development and Management

Successful management of the project cycle

Do you want to learn how to identify and manage stakeholders throughout the project cycle and how to identify, design, manage, monitor and evaluate development projects, which actually meet the needs of beneficiaries? Do you want to be challenged by colleagues from all over the world to think about the success and fail factors of complex development projects?

The PDM program will train you how to effectively identify, design, manage, monitor and evaluate development projects to guarantee success every step of the way.

By exchanging views with a variety of experts in the field of project identification, design, management and monitoring and evaluation, our PDM program provides you with insights across the entire project cycle. You will learn all about Project Cycle Management (PCM) methodology and tools such as Stakeholder Mapping, Problem Tree, Logical Framework and specific M&E tools. You will develop crucial project management skills in the field of communication, leadership, team work and negotiation in interactive workshops and discuss the different views and current debate on development cooperation with experts and classmates.