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Creating value from Big Data

  • Diploma
    Certificate of participation
  • Mode
    Full-time (online)
  • Course date
    7 - 11 June 2021 (online)
  • Duration
    5 days
  • Accreditation

Creating value from smart usage of data

Through this interactive program, we want to teach business leaders, managers and team leaders the concepts they need to change their companies into a data-driven company and give them the first encounter with tools their staff-members will use.

With more than 65 years of experience in management development, we understand that today’s managers need to understand the drivers of the success of their organization. Where in the past tangible assets were driving value, nowadays governments and organizations have a wealth of data that they can tap, if only they know how. However, we all know that data is not the same thing as knowledge. Data is not helping your organization to succeed if your organization does not have the tools for interpreting these data or the expertise to use data analytical tools. Managers do increasingly need to be data savvy themselves, and understand the needs for a data infrastructure. If you want to manage your organization’s ability to create value from data, then you need to understand the basics of data visualizations and at least passive data analytics. That‘s the knowledge you will gain through this executive program. 

We will start by analysing cases of organizations and government entities which used data to their advantage. Furthermore, we will discuss the IT requirements of big data, and exercise your visualization art skills and analytical skills.

In the past, organizations would have had to hire a data science consultant or have fully relied on a specialized data analysis department. Today you can do that yourself more easily: generate customized reports and visualizations from your organization’s data. We will demonstrate and work with a user-friendly data management and reporting tools that allow you to quickly gain an understanding of patterns in datasets and how such patterns can be used to optimize operations and services. Visualization of operations data can help you to identify and achieve improvements in efficiency and effectiveness.

"Dealing with big data has become an essential part of my professional work as a researcher in the Ministry of Communication and Informatics of the Republic of Indonesia. Through this program, I learned more about data management and reporting tools that help me to understand the logical flow of the data model, to test the model, and also to read the possible meaning of the analyzed data. Furthermore, this program offered me to chance to learn how to use programs such as Tableau, Ithink and Microsoft Azure.”
Vience Mutiara (Indonesia), participant of the November 2020 program

Next we will dive deeper into the promise of data analytics as a driver of organizational improvement. Once you are comfortable visualizing and making sense of your data you probably would like to utilize those insights to make better decisions. Much of today’s organizational success is coming from service innovation and operational efficiency gains. Digitalization of service delivery is then a tool to improve service quality and to increase operational efficiency. Data analytics can help you to identify improvement opportunities to the front- and back-ends of your service delivery. You will learn that identifying and monitoring such improvements is a competence that you can develop.

“I believe data is the future and acquiring the right skill sets will put one ahead. This program is great and very hands on which is the preferred approach for transferring knowledge and skills.”
Nsikan Umoren (Nigeria), participant of the November 2020 program

Did you know that you can combine this course with the e-Government course which will run the week before? Combining these two courses will save you up to a maximum of  €500,-
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