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Big Data | Maastricht School of Management Big Data

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  • Course date
    26 February - 01 March 2024
  • Duration
    5 days (face to face)

Competitive advantage from smart usage of Big Data

The goal of this programme is to teach business leaders, managers and team leaders the concepts they need to change their companies into a data-driven company and gives them the first encounter with tools their staff-members will use.

About Big Data
With more than 65 years of experience in management development, we understand that today’s managers need to understand the drivers of the success of their organisation. Most organisations generate and/or have access to a wealth of data. However, we all know that data is not the same thing as knowledge. Data is not helping your organisation to succeed if your organisation does not have the tools for interpreting these data or the expertise to use data analytical tools. Managers do increasingly need to be data savvy themselves. If you want to manage your organisation’s ability to create value from data, then you need to understand the basics of data-analytics, then you need to be able to apply. That ‘s the knowledge you will gain through this executive programme. It is designed, to equip you to turn big data into a competitive advantage for your organization.

Big Data management and reporting tools
We will work with a user-friendly data management and reporting tools that allow you to quickly gain an understanding of patterns in datasets and how such patterns can be used to optimise operations and services. Visualisation of operations data can help you to identify and achieve improvements in efficiency and effectiveness. The tools that we introduce put data analytics in the hands of the managerial user. In the past, organisations would have had to hire a data science consultant or have fully relied on a specialised data analysis department. Today you can do that yourself more easily: generate customised reports and visualisations from your organisation’s data.

Big Data analytics
Next we will dive deeper into the promise of data analytics as a driver of organisational improvement. Once you are comfortable visualising and making sense of your data you probably would like to utilise those insights to make better decisions. Much of today’s organisational success is coming from service innovation and operational efficiency gains. Digitalisation of service delivery is then a tool to improve service quality and to increase operational efficiency. Data analytics can help you to identify improvement opportunities to the front- and back-ends of your service delivery. You will learn that identifying and monitoring such improvements is a competence that you can develop.

Join us for this week of learning so that you can see that is easier than ever to take control of your data, to deliver better value to your customers, and to remain or become competitive.