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Big Data | Maastricht School of Management Big Data

Course objectives Big Data

After finalising this course, you:

  • Understand how you can improve your managerial proficiency by better usage of internal data
  • Understand what big data, data science and data analytics is and what it can do for your organisation
  • Know how to identify possible operational improvements and how to monitor the progress that you make in driving the efficiency and effectiveness of your service delivery processes.

Course topics Big Data

Following topics will be discussed in the course

  • An introduction to data analytics
  • Data driven decision making with the help of big data and artificial intelligence
  • Data visualization as a means to identify patterns and possible improvements
  • AI as a decision tool
  • Using data derived operational insight to make better decisions
  • The role of data and data-analytics in digitalising your operations and service delivery
  • SMART data Management, Data as a strategic resource

Teaching methods

  • Case studies
  • Hands-on project workshops
  • Interactive lectures

Your profile

  • Leaders of services-oriented organizations that want to drive operational success.
  • Managers who would like to understand how data analytics transforms the management profession
  • Service managers keen to innovate services and service.


Each participant receives a certificate of participation. Each participant receives a certificate of participation.
This certificate is being awarded as evidence of participation in a post-graduate training at indicative level 6 or 7 of the EQF. The minimum study load is 14 hours and an attendance level of 80% is required. This certificate is being awarded in the form of a soft copy when the training is online or a hard copy during a face-to-face training. The certificate will mention your full name, training title, training date and comprising core topics. Click here for more information about the MSM certification policy. Click here for more information about the MSM certification policy.