Team Leadership Influencing Skills

  • Diploma
    Certificate (diploma optional)
  • Mode
  • Course date
    15-19 Oct 2018 / 07-11 Oct 2019
  • Duration
    5 days

Developing your leadership influencing skills to improve team performance

The Team Leadership Influencing Skills program mainly targets participants from non-European countries and/or NGOs who are active in these countries.

Cross-cutting competences that are needed at the different levels of leadership such as having self awareness, being able to influence, being an effective communicator and a good conflict mediator as well as being an independent learner, are all part of the MSM Team Leadership influencing skills program. In addition to these general leadership competences, this training will also focus on specific skills like presentation skills and skills in chairing a meeting.

The ability to lead teams and organizations of all shapes and sizes is an essential skill to improve team and organizational performance. Team leaders and organizational leaders need to have a solid understanding of group dynamics and must have the skills to lead without authority, to engage team members, and to leverage constructive conflicts and minimize destructive conflicts. An organizational leader must also be able to build good relationships with external stakeholders that can positively or negatively influence the performance of the organization.

We recommend to combine this program with the "Personal Leadership skills" course which will run the week before. Combining these two programs will save you up to a maximum of €500,-. In case you are only able to follow one week we advise you to first follow the "Personal Leadership skills" course and schedule the "Team leadership influencing skills" course for next year. For more information on the program contact