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The field of innovation deals with the invention and management of invention of new products, processes, including new technologies and new business models. It is also concerned with the steps that governments can take to encourage innovation, e.g. through tax credits, subsidies, or the support for national systems of innovation and the promotion of the triple helix concept. Recently there has been rising concern that while innovation may be necessary for ‘creative destruction’ and firm-level competitiveness, that it may have adverse environmental and social consequences.

Online resources available

Title Lecturer Duration
Is Technological Innovation Making Society more Unequal? Prof. Wim Naudé 34:28
Women Entrepreneurship and Innovation Dr. Fulvia Farinelli 03:20
Women Entrepreneurs in Danger Zones Tamara Myatt 01:56
End of industrial era, beginning of industry 4.0 Ronald van den Hoff 02:51
Impact of social media on the Arab spring Petra Stienen 19:05
Revolution of internet and access to knowledge Mohammad Gawdat 29:19