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The field of entrepreneurship deals with the identification of business opportunity, the creation, start-up, growth and death of firms, the nature of self-employment, the constraints to business ownership and the impact of entrepreneurship on economic growth and development.

Online resources available

Title Lecturer Duration
Is Technological Innovation Making Society more Unequal?  

Prof. Wim Naudé

Entrepreneurship and wellbeing Prof.  José Ernesto Amorós 05:09
Women Entrepreneurship and Innovation Dr. Fulvia Farinelli 03:20
Women Entrepreneurs in Danger Zones Tamara Myatt 01:56
Gender Dynamics in Innovative Funding Mechanisms and Market Driven Development Programs Dr. Alicia Robb 02:40
Are female entrepreneurs the new heroes of the developing economy? Prof. Susan Marlow 02:18
Process of entrepreneurship and sharing knowledge Prof. Wynand Bodewes 03:47
Young innovators and entrepreneurs in Egypt Juliane Brach 02:20
Natural Disasters and Entrepreneurship: Global Challenges Prof. Wim Naudé 32:03
Security Concerns: Piracy at Sea and the Carriage of Essential Commodities by Merchant Shipping Dr. Stephanie Jones 23:48
Climate Change and the Entrepreneurial Response in Rural China Meine Pieter van Dijk 21:50