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Maastricht Open Online Education Resources

Our Maastricht Open Online Education (MOOE) resources, or simply MOOEs, offer free access to learning materials for businesses and managers. The MOOEs cover the following areas: entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership and governance, higher education management, agri-business, water management, sport management, sustainable business and engineering and management.


The field of entrepreneurship deals with the identification of business opportunity, the life-cycle of firms, the nature of self-employment, the constraints to business ownership and the impact of entrepreneurship on economic growth and development.


The field of innovation deals with the invention and management of invention of new products, processes, including new technologies and new business models. The only concern is that innovation may have adverse environmental and social consequences.

Higher Education Management

Higher education is important in raising the level and quality of human capital. Due to the increasing demands on higher education systems, budgets, internationally students & faculty, education institutions needs to become more entrepreneurial.

Sustainable Business

Sustainable business deals with the impact that business operations and entrepreneurial decisions have on social and environmental sustainability. Social sustainability is the ability of business growth and success to translate into shared success.

Agri-business Management

Agri-business management is concerned with businesses that depend directly on agriculture. It includes food processing, fertiliser and seed production, transport, logistic, extension services, marketing and retail, restaurants and infrastructure.

Water Management

Water is a crucial input for human life and moreover for all economic processes. It is however a scarce commodity which means that management of water resources is essential

Sport Management

The multi-billion dollar global sports industry is a growing industry employing millions of people worldwide. It is an industry that has a long supply-chain with many forward and backward linkages

Engineering and Management

To improve the fit between engineering technique and consumer demands, knowledge of management and specifically management of technology, techniques and physical resources are in high demand worldwide.