Doctor of Business Administration

  • Diploma
    DBA degree
  • Mode
  • Duration
    4 years
  • Accreditation

The part-time DBA program comprises two stages: the MPhil stage in which you develop your research proposal (1 – 2 years) and the DBA stage in which you execute this proposal and draft your DBA dissertation (2 years). In total, the DBA study takes 4 years, with the possibility of extending the program with maximally 2 years.

MPhil Stage

The Master of Philosophy (MPhil) phase centers on course work and drafting an individual research proposal. You will be assigned a supervisory team that will guide you towards drafting an individual Research Proposal. This proposal needs to be presented and defended before a committee of scholars. If successful, you will be awarded the MPhil diploma.

DBA Stage

When you have been awarded the MPhil diploma, the DBA phase commences. Supported by your supervisory team, you will start collecting and analyzing data as outlined in your research proposal. The results of this empirical study are to be reported and discussed in a written manuscript. The DBA program is completed with the successful defense of this DBA dissertation and the subsequent award of the DBA degree.

The DBA degree

The DBA degree, intrinsically, is an international degree, issued by Business schools worldwide and being accredited by international accreditation bodies. In the case of MSM, its DBA program is accredited by AMBA, ACBSP, IACBE and ATHEA. In a limited number of countries, the DBA degree is also captured under the national educational laws, however this is not the case for The Netherlands, so the DBA degree as such is not recognized under Dutch educational law. For reference, under Dutch educational laws, the Doctoral degrees of the Dutch Universities are not accredited anyhow, as compared to the Master and Bachelor degrees under the law, however Doctoral promotion procedures governed by the Universities themselves.

Furthermore please note that a DBA degree is not equivalent to a PhD degree, reference:
– DBA Compass
– PhD Portal
Considering the status of the DBA degree, being accredited through international accreditation bodies, the status of the DBA degree, as a professional Doctorate, may differ for individual countries worldwide.
It is the responsibility of the students to check the particular country specific recognition requirements.