Entrepreneurial University Transformation

The entrepreneurial university

Many higher education institutions are searching for strategies how to relate their core mandate (education, research, community outreach) more effectively to labor market needs and innovative economic development. They are looking for answers on important questions like: How to organize education in such a way that graduates have the best chance to be (self) employed, and how to organize knowledge transfer more effectively for the benefit of a broader society?

In particular in emerging economies and developing countries these questions are raised in a context of population growth with an increasing number of students, financial constraints and urgent need for innovation and economic growth. Struggling with these challenges, more and more institutions are laying emphasis on how to become more entrepreneurial. This is where the notion of an ‘entrepreneurial university’ becomes relevant. It brings entrepreneurship education to the next level of institutional development from an entrepreneurial perspective.

Course objectives

  • To enhance knowledge on 'Entrepreneurial University'
  • To accurately assess the entrepreneurial transformation needs of individual institutions
  • To produce an entrepreneurial transformation plan appropriate for these institutions

Course topics

  • Latest concepts on entrepreneurial higher education institutions
  • Tools for organizational assessment
  • Best practices of experiences worldwide
  • International perspectives and linkages
  • Entering partnerships beyond the Triple helix
  • The role of academia vis-à-vis business, government, and civil society in achieving social, economic and cultural development

Teaching methods

The main focus of the training will be to achieve predetermined impact within each participant’s respective institution. The training will be based on Action Learning, via an institutional development model: ‘Where are we now?’ ‘Where do we want to be?’ and ‘How do we get there?’ This will incorporate the following process:

Pre-course preparation

  • Engage participants in a needs assessment exercise based on a pro-forma data sheet to specify the entrepreneurial development requirements and provisions within each respective institution.

Training course content

  • Review individual institution’s entrepreneurial development need(s)
  • Assessment of each institution against a framework  to determine and prioritize action planning
  • Content and coaching in seven key areas:
    1. Development of an entrepreneurial university leadership and governance model
    2. Planning for organizational capacity, enterprising staff and incentives development
    3. Adoption of enterprise in education methodologies
    4. Providing for comprehensive set of entrepreneurship programs
    5. Networking, linkages and creating interdependence with stakeholders
    6. Outline international perspectives and linkages
    7. Provision of clear methods to assess impact of each institution’s entrepreneurial strategy

Your profile

The program is designed for:

  • Academic and administrative leaders of higher education institutions
  • Policy makers and planners from Ministries of Education, other educational planning bodies and higher education institutions
  • Senior lecturers involved in managerial and administrative tasks
  • Educational consultants


Each participant receives a certificate of attendance on the last day of the course. Only for those who will complete an additional assignment will receive a diploma. In case you would like to have more information you contact ep@msm.nl