Mastering Entrepreneurship: Opportunities for Expat Spouses

Setting up your own business

An estimated 57,000 expats live in The Netherlands. Two thirds of them are male and moved to this country because of their job. But most of them did not move alone, they came with their spouse and children. Moving to The Netherlands means getting used to another language, finding a good school, building up new social networks, and getting to know all about ‘broodje kroket’.

For the spouses, integration in the Dutch society and finding a job, can be a challenge. Setting up a business is an option to make use of their talents,to build up a social and business network, and have the flexibility to combine work with private life.In this light, Maastricht School of Management developed a 5-day executive course aimed at expat spouses who have the ambition to start-up a company in The Netherlands. This course contributes to the economic, social and personal value of the participants.

You will work on your business idea and receive all information needed to develop the idea towards a start-up.

Course topics

After finalizing the course, you have an understanding of

  • The business environment (legal affairs and regulations, business culture) in The Netherlands
  • Mission, vision and development of entrepreneurial strategy
  • The personal characteristics of successful entrepreneurs
  • Market positioning of products and/or services
  • Financial plan for realizing the ambitions

All participants will get a digital copy of the Start-Up Manual of Prof. Dr. Josette Dijkhuizen.

Course schedule and topics

Teaching methods

The approach of the training is hands-on, in collaboration with experienced trainers and mentors who work in the field. To stimulate the transfer of knowledge the training will consist of a combination of interactive lectures, individual assignments and group assignments. The practical and interactive setting of the training not only allows you to learn from the trainers but also from your fellow participants. An exposure visit to a company in the region might be part of the program.

Your profile

The program is designed for expat spouses with the ambition to develop their own business in the Netherlands.


Each participant receives a certificate of attendance on the last day of the course. Only for those who will complete an additional assignment will receive a diploma. In case you would like to have more information you contact