DBA defense at MSM: the role of branding in social marketing for charitable organizations

7 December 2017

On 4 December 2017 Ms. Rehab Gamaleldin Abdelaziz successfully defended her DBA thesis titled: Factors Affecting Behavioural Intention to Donate to Charitable Organisations: The Role of Branding in Social Marketing at MSM.

I have acquired the DBA degree in MSM because of my passion for research and because it will guide my career path in teaching and management consultancy. I truly believe that MSM’s quality education will endorse my professional experience and increase my true potential in the field.”

In her research Ms. Abdelaziz shows how charitable organizations have implemented Social Marketing campaigns to promote their services, persuade contributors to donate, and most importantly, sustain the flow of donations. Yet, the question remains on whether branding has an effect on behavioral intention to donate. The dissertation of Ms. Abdelaziz presents a conceptual framework that integrates branding and social dimensions to analyze the factors that motivate donors to donate or re-donate to charitable organizations. It also examines what prompts them to promote these organizations through positive Word of Mouth.

The study is applied in Egypt on three well branded charitable organizations: the first is Magdy Yacoub Heart Foundation, the second is The Children’s Cancer Hospital (57357 Hospital), and the third is The Egyptian Food Bank. The results present both theoretical and managerial contribution and hence, bridge the gap in the literature in the field of study. Along the social factors, branding was found significant to predict donation intention; branding factors were also found critical to drive donors’ positive Word of Mouth on these organizations.The study of of Ms. Abdelaziz recommends decision makers and marketers working for charitable organizations to apply a branding approach and build trustworthy brands with strong images. The research also recommends these organizations to adapt their marketing strategies and design Word of Mouth campaigns to entice people to contribute and ensure donations’ sustainability.

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