DBA defense at MSM: Rate of Adoption of Corporate Brands – A case of Egypt

8 November 2017

On 7 November 2017 Mr. Mohamed Ahmed El Gawahergy successfully defended his DBA thesis titled: Rate of Adoption of Corporate Brands: A case of Egypt at MSM.

Being a highly respectful degree from a highly respectful management school, this DBA from MSM is helping me fulfill my full potential and dreams concerning my business in the marketing and management fields as well as teaching in respectful Universities. MSM has provided me with the opportunity and confidence to fulfill a cause and life purpose I always dreamt of; being able to help others live better lives. This DBA from MSM is opening many doors and fulfilling many dreams”. This said Mr. El Gawahergy after his successful DBA defense.

In his DBA thesis he explains that organizations are relentlessly seeking to grow and attain uniqueness. Among other strategies, corporations do that by communicating what they stand for, their identity. The perception and experience of this communicated identity by the consumer through different touch points (including products and services of the company) give birth to the corporate brand (positively or negatively).

This research approaches this relatively complicated process in an attempt to provide the strategic management field with an efficient and effective comprehensive corporate brand building framework with special focus on the temporal dimension. The developed research model, including a new construct, provides managers with a comprehensive and applicable framework, or process flow model, creatively linking different corporate brand drivers and determinants and testing their contribution and influence on the perceived characteristics of innovation which explain between 49 to 87% of the variance in the rate of adoption of an innovation (Rogers, 1983, 1995, 2003; Atkinson, 2007), corporate brand in this study.

The newly developed construct identifies controllable information attributes, or corporate associations, that were empirically tested to positively influence the corporate brand building process. Structural Equation Modeling was used to test both the new construct and the research model. The findings provide corporate managers with a comprehensive and practical process flow model demonstrating the interaction of different corporate brand building factors and elements that company managers can control and manage for an efficient and effective corporate brand development and diffusion process among consumers with special focus on variables specifically catering to the temporal dimension.

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