Project references

MSM has an extensive portfolio of custom learning programs and international management development projects, for the public and private sector, and for the higher and vocational education sector. MSM collaborates extensively with international development agencies and donor organizations and offers institutional management strengthening through educational and advisory interventions in a variety of fields. MSM’s custom learning programs are tailored to the specific needs and challenges of your organization, making them the perfect tool to strengthen the leadership skills and expertise of the professionals of your organization.

Below you can see an overview of custom learning programs and capacity building projects delivered by MSM in the recent past.

Refresher Course on Agritourism, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The course introduced participants in very practical ways to the tenets, key concepts and opportunities of agritourism and its linkages with entrepreneurship and innovation.

  • Tbilisi, GE
Strengthening Youth Entrepreneurship in Sierra Leone

During the “Strengthening Youth Entrepreneurship” project, personnel of the institution will be trained in the area of entrepreneurship to improve the delivery of entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurial teaching.

  • Freetown, SL
Enhancing institutional and staff capacity at the Nimba County Community College to contribute to trade and private sector development in Liberia

The tailor made training links staff competencies and activities to private sector development

  • Badio town, LR
Improving client-oriented Investment Service Delivery

This TMT deals with staff as well as organizational capacity development but improving strategic and HR plans.

  • Amhara, ET
Preventing retraumatisation of SGBV survivors in DRC Training health care professionals in North and South Kivu to provide holistic care to survivors of SGBV in DRC

The training of health care professionals will address the severe consequences of rape and conflict related sexual violence of women, girls, men and boys in DRC

  • goma, CD
Support for SGBV survivors in Burundi: Training professionals working in public services for survivors of sexual and gender based violence

The focus of this TMT is on prevention and eliminating SGBV by providing access to survivors of SGBV to professional assistance and support of legal, medical and psychosocial service providers; a core area within SRHR/gender

  • bujumbura, BI
Strengthening skills and training capacity in horticulture in Kenya

The project is based on the fundamental notion that improving the quality and employability of A-TVET graduates should be based on the needs in the labour market.

  • kakamega, KE
Strengthening skills of TVET staff and students for optimizing water usage & climate smart agriculture in South Africa

The project combines the promotion of agriculture growth and sustainable & equitable water use. It will concentrate on the educating young people in the field of optimizing water usage & climate smart agriculture.

  • Stellenbosch, ZA
Strengthening skills and training capacity in the horticulture sector in Uganda

This project aims at strengthening the skills to improve the horticultural situation in Uganda. This is mainly achieved via strengthening the educational situation at A-TVET level.

  • Kampala, UG
LMSINDO: Link and Match SMK in Indonesia Strengthening Teacher Training in TVET Agriculture in Nusa Tenggara Timor (NTT)

SMK teacher training on national and regional level by enhancing the educational and organizational capacities of the MoA POLBANGTAN system and SMKs, assisting SMK-PP Kupang to upgrade to the status of agricultural polytechnic.

  • bogor, ID