Quality Assurance, Accreditation and Memberships

Guiding principle

All our degree programs are subject to the standards set by the following international accrediting bodies: AMBA, IACBE and ACBSP. All our degree and non-degree programs are subject to the standards set by the international accrediting body ATHEA. The MBA program (full-time, part-time and online) and the Master in Management offered in the Netherlands are subject to NVAO accreditation. After successfully completing the MBA program the student is awarded a Master of Science degree in Business Administration. After successfully finalizing the Master in Management, the student is awarded a Master of Arts degree in Management. 

The Quality Assurance and Accreditations Office is committed to create continuous quality improvement cycles at MSM and it aims to guide the institution through the processes of national and international accreditation, both at the institutional and programmatic level. The office serves as the body which performs tasks related to what could be considered “external checks” such as degree checks (whether students have fulfilled all requirements for graduation) and is responsible for organizing quality checks (content level checks). Quality assurance at MSM sets out to ensure the same high quality for all degree and non degree programs. This is done by addressing a variety of fields, such as the academic content of programs, admission of students, administrative and student support, among others. The aim is to use efficient processes and services to support the quality assurance culture at MSM.

To view the Quality Assurance Policy document please follow this link.

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